Monday, 8 July 2013

How to Pick Stylish Outfits for a Lunch Date

Are you going for a lunch date and want to impress him or her with your dressing style? Its important to dress up with the right clothes that gives comfort and makes you feel confident and relaxed. Check out a few clothing ideas for both men and women that will surely help them to dress appropriately.

For Men
  • Look for a bright colored polo shirt or a Tri mountain dress shirt and pair it with a khaki pants, trousers and jeans.
  • For a more casual look, wear a bright red colored jacket over your polo shirt and dress shirt.
  • A dark colored like dark brown loafers go well with this outfit.
  • For a stylish look, use hair gel to style your hair and keep yourself neatly groomed by shaving and using a deodorant.
For Women
  • Go for a bright colored crew neck, boat neck and V-neck knit shirt, pair it with dark denim jeans, shorts, Capri pants and trousers. For a formal look, opt for a black, gray or tan colored knee-length skirt.
  • Keep your make up a delicate, wear a little mascara, shiny lip gloss shine your lips and use blush to brighten your clear complexion.
  • Curl your hair to add volume to your hairs and wear simple accessories that compliment your stylish outfit. Wear a matching earrings and a bracelet for an elegant and more feminine look.
Try these simple tips that will surely help you to represent your unique looks and you can also impress your lover too.

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